Rooted in Richmond

Adventures in parenting, travel, and life


Hi!  I’m Caitlin. Wife to Chris, mom to Zoe, and snuggler to pup Laney. I grew up in Virginia, have lived in Seattle for the last seven years, and am preparing to trek back across the country to settle down in Richmond, VA for the foreseeable future.  Rooted in Richmond will chronicle our relocation adventures (or misadventures?) from Seattle to Richmond with a recently potty-trained toddler, giant mutt, and loaded-up old SUV that has seen its fair share of I-90.  After all, if we’re taking this circus on a cross-country road trip, we might as well document the shenanigans for some laughs down the road!  Thanks for reading!  We hope you’ll follow along on our adventure and share everything from road trip recommendations to suggested pitstops to inspirational words of wisdom when it’s clear our sanity is in short supply!


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