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We’re on the road!  We were planning to leave Seattle May 30 but were ready to go and decided to hit the road a day early.  The movers took a lot longer than expected yesterday and we didn’t get on the road until close to 4:00pm.  We drove a little over three hours to Moses Lake, Washington.  We’re already glad we decided against making any reservations for this trip, as we originally thought we’d go to Spokane, then scaled it back to Ellensburg when we got on the road late, and ended up in the middle at Moses Lake.

It was surreal to say goodbye to our little house of four years and drive away from Seattle, knowing it was the last time we’d see it as “home”.  It started to sink in when we crossed Snoqualmie Pass and could see the Cascades in the rear view mirror.  It’s amazing how much the landscape changes in just three hours.  We’ve already left the lush forests and majestic mountains and are in the warm, sunny plains of eastern Washington, looking back at the snowy peaks of the Cascades in the distance.  We passed the first of many wind farms and crossed the beautiful Columbia River.

We got to Moses Lake around 7:00pm and quickly found a hotel and ran to a grocery store to pick up dinner.  We picnicked in McCosh Park and enjoyed some fresh air and exercise, until Zoe pushed a swing into her face and bust her bottom lip open.

Thankfully, one of our kids is really chill in hotels (hint: not Zoe) and we got a little sleep last night.


This morning, we’re hitting the road under blue skies and sunshine.  We’re planning to stop in Missoula, Montana tonight, with stops including Spokane, Washington and beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho along the way.

If you’re interested, you can follow our Rooted in Richmond Instagram.  We’re posting lots of Insta Stories of our travels!

4 thoughts on “Day 1: Seattle to Moses Lake, WA

  1. Evan says:

    I am loving the play-by-play! And these photos are gold! Miss y’all 😦


    1. Thanks Evan! We’re having a great time but already missing our friends in Seattle.


  2. Mimi (Debbie) says:

    This is so fun! Hope Zoe’s lip is better!


    1. Thanks! Her lip bled quite a bit but was fine after a few minutes. She’s already forgotten about it. No new notable injuries today!


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